Sunday, December 21, 2014


The countdown begins! Two weeks until I officially begin my student teaching placement, and the gears are already turning.

This past week, I had the chance to meet with my supervising teacher as well as my university supervisor. These meetings helped me to understand (at least a little better) what to expect over the course of my 16-week placement. Even so, it's hard for me to picture all of the details! I'm sure that being in the classroom and seeing how things work will help. Also, I feel confident that both of my supervisors have my best interests at heart and will be willing to be flexible and offer helpful advice.

Some things I am excited about:
  • Being in a classroom full time! - I know from past experience that it's totally exhausting...but fun! Being around kids is something I always enjoy.
  • Getting to know the students! - I know from the first week of school that this is a fun group of kids! Can't wait to get to know them even more.
  • Trying my hand at, well, y'know, teaching. - Of course I've taught lessons before, and of course I've been around kids A LOT in the past few years. But, other than a few times substitute teaching, I've never really gone solo. 
  • Wearing lipstick... - Yes, this is silly! But I think it will be fun to step into a professional role and dress like a real grown-up every day. (I do, however, have a feeling that this will get old fast and I will be dying to throw on sweatpants after like two days.)
Some things I am nervous about:
  • Using curriculum books. - I've been warned over and over again that, in many districts, teachers are expected to follow curriculum books very religiously. I just somehow never really expected to wind up relying on them! It sounds like I will have to do either all or most of my lessons from these books. I'm the kind of teacher who loves to use art, music, and drama in the classroom....soo how am I gunna make this work?
  • Being evaluated. - Mr. M, my supervisor, is incredibly sweet, it seems. Even so, I am horrible at taking criticism...I know it's important to learn and grow, but I don't wanna cry in public!
  • Co-teaching - This is a new approach that IU wants us to try this year. I don't know how I feel about it...Will my sup. teacher be okay with it? Will we work it out so I get plenty of solo time, yet I'm not completely abandoned? Halp.
  • Fitting in. - I know this is lame to say, but I worry about how I'll fit in with the school environment. Will the other teachers like me? Will the principal view me as someone who shows promise? Will I have cool stories to tell at the lunch table? Sigh.
Some goals I have:
  • Be a classroom management rock star! - Classroom management stresses me out. In the past, my students have never really viewed me as a real teacher, and I've never really delivered any consequences. This has to change! I really want to improve my management skills.
  • Make great connections - This is why I'm student teaching in this area. I want to impress some people!
  • Tailor instruction to students' needs - This is so, so important, and I've never really gotten the chance to do it before.
Two weeks! Time to start reading all those manuals and prepping for this big adventure!

- Ellen

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