Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Phabulous Phonics!

Today was a great day. I taught four "subjects" - which made me feel like a real teacher! It was great.

I started the morning off with phonics. We learned about -y words, such as sky and try and fishy and swishy. We did jumping jacks to practice our high frequency words and practiced our -y rule with a worksheet. I got the opportunity to work with small groups during Daily Five to work on skills such as ABC order, syllable-segmenting, and long/short vowel sounds. As usual, I parallel taught math. It was fun to show kids the meaning of equivalence using a pan scale!

The day went by pretty quickly. And no train wrecks! That's always a blessing :)

Can't wait to continue with this journey and add on language arts next week!

- Miss Turner :)

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